Hepatitis C (Black

jaundice) – Causes /

symptoms and treatment.

Hepatitis C (Black jaundice) - Causes / symptoms and treatment.
Hepatitis C

In today’s article, we will know about Hepatitis C. This is a disease caused by a virus, it is also called black jaundice in common language. Due to it, the liver is swollen, which is called liver cirrhosis. If treatment of this disease is not done in the initial stage then it can be fatal.

HCV Strip Test

The HCV test shows the infection of hepatitis C virus. This test shows the initial stage infections of the virus. Should be treated with a specialist doctor once the positive reports of this test are available. Initial stage virus infection is cured. Further tests can be done after this test.

How HCV Tests are

The HCV test can be done in any diagnostic center. Blood samples are taken for this. Blood serum is collected from the sample and tested with the HCV strip. Report of this test comes within 12 hours. Blood sample can be given before or after the meal.

Reasons for Hepatitis C

HC is spread like hepatitis B and HIV AIDS. The main reason for having hepatitis C is unprotected sex, the use of the infected needle, the child from the pregnant mother and the infected blood transfusion.

Hepatitis C is mainly of two types


It is the initial stage of HC, in which initial symptoms such as fever, body pain, appetite, urination and yellowing of the eyes appear to be yellow.

Treatment of acute HC

Acute HC is easily treated. About 90% of acute hepatitis C patients are cured. Acne hepatitis C Virus Liver Damage can be cured by proper treatment and care.


When the virus of HC remains in the body for more than 6 months, then this condition is called chronic HC. Due to chronic hepatitis C, the liver is swollen, which is called liver cirrhosis. Slowly due to this chronic HC, the liver starts drying up, there is stiffness in it. If this condition is not treated properly then there may also be cancer and liver failures in the liver.

Treatment of Chronic HC

If chronic HC is treated during the time, it is completely cured. During the treatment of Chronic Hepatitis C, it is seen that the viruses of Hepatitis C are active or not. If HC viruses are active then they are eliminated by antiviral medicine. After three months of treatment, it is perfectly cured.

HC test

If once the virus of HC goes into the body then it lives in life. Therefore it is necessary to always check HC. By investigation, we find that the virus of HC is active or not. If Hepatitis C virus is not active then we do not have to do anything.

Prevention of HC

In the prevention of HC, the vaccine vaccine should be inserted with the birth of the child as well as anti-HC vaccine. A pregnant woman with hepatitis C should examine HC in the sixth month of pregnancy. According to the investigation report, if needed, treatment should be done. In this way a pregnant woman does not have HC virus in her child.

Treatment of HC is possible provided that its time is known to be known. Earlier it was treated by injection, but now it is also treated with tablets.

So hopefully in today’s article, I hope you enjoy this information today. Share this so that more and more people can know about it and avoid this disease. Thank you.



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