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Today I will tell you the most effective remedy to clean the stomach in the morning and eliminate constipation. These remedies are so effective that you will be benefitted from the use of their first day.

Causes of constipation

Due to the absence of busy life and bad food, stomach disorders have increased very much. Constipation is a disease associated with stomach so much that many people are upset. Constipation is a very dangerous disease. Constipation is the root cause of all diseases. The stomach’s digestive system causes constipation due to not functioning properly. The effect of constipation occurs on all parts of our body.

Effect of constipation

Dissociative system has a bad effect on the liver, heart, kidney, pancreatic, bone and skin due to bad. If your stomach is not clean in the morning or you are complaining about constipation then some remains of the food you eat remain in our stomach. It rises in our stomach and increases the gas in our body. Due to the absence of the stomach properly in the morning, we have laziness and fatigue throughout the day. Sleep does not come at night. Slowly its effect appears on our hair and skin.

Constipation is the root cause of diseases

Those who have been suffering from this problem for a long time, have problems in obesity, gas, piles, stomach ulcers, and liver deterioration. Due to absence of stomach in women, it affects its menstrual cycle. Due to lack of stomach, their menstrual cycle becomes irregular, which is likely to lead to many diseases.

First solution

So let’s talk now to clean the stomach, first of the prescriptions. For this we
Black Salt,
The needle and mint will be required.

First, take two spoon cumin seeds and two teaspoons of oats in a light flame for a little while. After this add a spoonful of coriander and take it for 1 minute and take it. Now, grind them all into the mixer and grind them into a fine powder. Now add the powder of half a teaspoon black salt, half teaspoon turmeric and a spoonful of mint leaves in this powder and mix all these things properly.

Method of use

Use this recipe to make you eat half an hour after dinner. For this, mix one spoon of this powder in a glass of hot water and keep it for a while. Drink it when it gets a little cold.

This drip digested food properly. It also clears the dirt of our stomach. After using this prescription, your stomach will be cleaned in the morning and you will feel light. Using this prescription, the problem of constipation ends with the root.

The use of triphala

Apart from this, Triphala can also be used for stomach cleansing or constipation problem. According to Ayurveda, intake of Triphala strengthens our digestive system. Exits the dirt that is lying in the body. Triphala intake also helps to reduce body fat.

Use of castor oil

You can also use castor oil to clean the stomach and remove constipation. Castor oil is considered to be the most effective for cleansing the stomach. It clears the stomach’s dirt very soon.

To prepare this recipe, take a glass of hot water and add half a teaspoon of salt, one teaspoon lemon juice and one spoon of castor oil. Drink this drink made in this way after drinking a glass of plain water before eating it in the morning. This recipe starts showing after 10 to 15 minutes of drinking. After taking it, when you go for defecation, your stomach becomes very clearer.

Milk intake of turmeric

Apart from this, turmeric milk can also be consumed to clean the stomach and remove indigestion. Drinking turmeric milk before sleeping at night makes stomach mess very clearer.

Papaya intake

To remove constipation, consumption of papaya is considered very good. It is very beneficial to eat papaya every morning before eating it. Papaya prevents constipation.


By using these prescribed prescriptions to clean the stomach and remove constipation, you can get rid of the problem of your constipation. Use one of the methods in one of the given methods. Do not use these methods every day. Take them out of 2 to 3 out of the week.

Using more of the things used to clean the stomach and remove constipation can also cause weakness in our body. If you are taking any kind of medicine then use these remedies only after 2 hours of taking it.

In this way, by doing all these measures, you can clean your stomach. Please tell by writing this article how you feel. Share this information so that more people can get this information. Thank you very much for reading this article.


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