Drinking too much

water can cause the

death !!

When, how and how

much to drink?


Drinking too much water can become the cause of death !! When, how much and how much water should be consumed? Yes, in today’s article. I will tell you about the deadly loss of drinking water. Friends, we all know that water is life, but if you drink excessively water then it can also be deadly for you. Today I will give you the right information about drinking water. I will tell you about the water, when and how much to drink.

Myth of drinking too much water

If you are thinking that drinking too much water can be the cause of death. Then I will request you to read this article in full. Today many people have become the perception that drinking excessive water keeps the stomach clean. kidney remains clean, beauty of the face increases and the body keeps on working fast, so it is not at all. Based on these facts mentioned in modern science and Ayurveda in today’s article, we will know how drinking too much water than required can be deadly.

Truth of drinking too much water

So first of all, we know on the basis of the facts mentioned in Ayurveda that drinking too much water can be dangerous for our health. In Ayurveda, Bagbhatta sage has said that even when the thirsty is over, still do not drink more water than thirst If you drink more water than thirst then there are about 60 types of diseases related to vata and bile in your body.

Impact of water

Drink more than enough water reduces the digestive fire of the stomach ie gastragini. When the stomach gastricity decreases, whatever we eat, it does not have the digestion right, which causes the common poison in our stomach, Due to diseases, drinking more water immediately after eating the food weakens our digestion system. Food consumed in this is not digested in our stomach, due to constipation, gas and abdomen. The problem of head start is the main reason for all the diseases in the body.

If you think that water is easily digested, but you will be surprised to know that even the body has to work hard to digest the water. The body takes at least 3 hours to digest the plain water. If you do not believe in the facts of Ayurveda, if you believe only on modern science, then I would like to tell you that in the report of research conducted at Monash University of Victoria in Australia, it has been told that too much drinking water can kill you.

Drinking too much water caused Hyponatremia

It has been reported in the report that due to drinking excessive water, the amount of sodium in our body decreases which is where Hyponatremia goes. Hyponatremia causes the amount of salt in the body to decrease, causing inflammation in the body, and the problem of edema becomes. Edema is a disease in which a pothole is formed by pressing on any part of the body. If this disease persists, then it reaches our brain. This disease can cause brain haemorrhage like brain dead.

Drinking too much water caused low Sodium

Due to lack of sodium for a long time, man can also go into coma. Apart from this, because of drinking excessive water, our body gets more water which starts to accumulate in the tissue, lungs and brain, which causes swelling in the body. For a long period of time, due to the stoppage of water in one place, the chances of it becoming more infections. Due to excessive water in the body, anxiety, restlessness, dizziness and dizziness can be a problem.

Therefore, drinking more than needed is not right according to both the Ayurveda and Modern Science. It has been said that the excess of anything is proved harmful even if it is nectar.

How much water should be consumed

Now the question arises, how much water should we drink? Ayurveda says that every person is different and he should drink water according to his needs. It is not written anywhere in Ayurveda that you drink 4 glasses of water a day or 10 glasses of water. There is no mention in the model science as to how much water should be consumed. In this way it concludes that we should drink water only when we are thirsty. The way we feel hungry we eat and eat as much as I am hungry. When we eat more than hunger, then we have diseases related to stomach. In the same way when we feel thirsty, then drink as much water as you are thirsty, should not drink more water than thirst.

In this way, you have come to understand that drinking too much water can be dangerous for our health. There may be a lot of questions in your mind after reading this article. If there is something like this, then you can comment me in the comment box. I hope that this information will be liked by you today. If you think this information is important to everyone, then share this article with your friends and relatives. Thank you.


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