The most effective ways to increase body weight

in 7 days

Today I will tell you some of the most effective ways to increase body weight in 7 days, by which you can increase body weight in 7 days. The way it is difficult to lose weight, it is also difficult to increase weight. Whether overweight or underweight, both conditions are not suitable for physical health. A healthy person is the one whose weight is normal.

The main reason for the increase or decrease in weight is the change in our lifestyle and diet. Many people eat too much to increase their weight, yet their weight does not increase. Apart from this, some people have a problem of lowering appetite, due to which their weight does not increase. There is a problem of weight gain due to any illness or indigestion in the body.

How to increase body weight in 7 days

It has been seen so many times that many people start taking fast food to increase their weight. Fastfood starts accumulating unhealthy fat in their body, which is the root cause of many diseases. Due to unhealthy fat accumulation, problems of BP, blood sugar, heart begin to occur. That’s why we should use healthy food to properly increase our weight. Healthy food increases our body weight properly and does not accumulate unhealthy fat.

In today’s article I will tell you some easy home remedies. Follow this remedies  you can  increase body weight in 7 days. A normal person spends around 2,000 calories while doing normal tasks throughout the day. If you want to increase your weight then you have to take more than 2000 calories.

Use of Milk- Bananas Shake

So let’s talk about the first recipe for weight gain. For the first prescription, we will need bananas, milk, dates, cardamom and indigenous ghee. You may have known about these things before, but they must know the right way to take them. If they are not taken correctly, they do not get better results. It is very important to drink a glass of milk in the morning and evening to gain weight. When you drink milk in the morning, you must eat two bananas with it. Before eating bananas, we should note that the bananas are ripe. Perfectly baked bananas, which are known to have dark spots are considered to be more beneficial and healthier.

A lot of people consume bananas and milk to gain weight. But still they do not gain weight. Because banana and milk are not properly digested in their body, so that all its properties can not be found in our body. Therefore, to increase its effect it is very important to turn it into a potent drink.

For this, add two chopped bananas, half a spoonful of cardamom powder and half a teaspoon of ghee in a glass of milk and make a drink by running it in the grinder. This shake can be used in the morning before or after breakfast. During breakfast this drink intake is very effective for our body.

It does a lot of help in increasing our body weight. This drink gives us 400 to 500 calorie energy at a time. This gives us the energy needed to spend all day. In this drink, the indigenous ghee, cardamom increases its strength. Cardamom strengthens the digestive power of our body, which makes digestion of bananas and milk properly. In this way bananas and milk get the necessary nutrients from our body.

Use of Milk & Dates

If you want to increase your weight in 7 days, you must eat four or five dates with a glass of milk before sleeping at night. For this, put four-five dates in the milk and keep them in the day. Boil this milk with dates in the night. When the milk gets cold, chew the date after eating it and then drink milk and then drink milk. Diet with milk brings many benefits to our body. It provides excellent force to the body by increasing blood and metal. If you have any kind of sexual problem, it helps in fixing.

Milk and dates are very beneficial for women. It increases the estrogen hormones of women, which gives them benefits in many diseases. This helps in boosting breast. If you use this drink everyday in the evening, then you can increase your weight very quickly.

Use of Peanuts

Peanut intake is very beneficial for weight gain. After eating in the morning and evening every day, taking peanut butter increases weight very quickly. Peanut intake gives energy to our body which is very important for our normal routine. You can also use peanut butter instead of groundnut. Peanut has mono saturated fat which helps in increasing our body weight.

Protin reached food

Protein is a major contributor to increasing body weight. Therefore, we should include things in our food that contain the amount of protein. For this, you should consume much of the milk made. Almonds, pulses and eggs can also be eaten.
If you can eat eggs, then eat two to three eggs a day. If you do not eat eggs, one should take pulses once a day.

Use of Raisin & Fig

Fig and raisin foods are very beneficial to gain weight. You soak 25 grams raisins in water in the night. Eat it twice in the morning. The use of raisins is very effective for weight gain.

Use Of Mango

Mango can be consumed in addition to bananas for weight gain. Banana is available throughout the years, but when the mango season, one to two common meals daily is very beneficial for weight gain. There is about 135 calories in a mango that helps in increasing our weight.

Ayurvedic Herbs

If you want to increase your weight in 7 days.Ayurvedic herbs can also be consumed to gain weight. Ashwagandha and asparagus intake helps a lot in weight gain. Ashwagandha and Shatavari will find you in any Ayurvedic Medicine Shop. To increase the weight can be taken with one spoon of either one or two spoons of ashghandha. Instead of various types of powder and capsules found in the market, the use of natural things is very beneficial for weight gain.

Proper food Routine

With the use of these things, the quantity of food consumed daily can be increased as well. Must have breakfast in the morning. Many people do not take breakfast in the morning due to being busy with lifestyle, due to which they lose weight. At the same time, we must make our food time on time. By not eating food on time, the weight of the body starts decreasing. Therefore it is very important to eat food on time to increase weight.

Physical Workout

Just as a workout is needed to lose weight, workout must definitely be done to increase the weight. Performing light-weight exercises, our body’s metabolic rate remains fine, which keeps the body healthy and quick. Whatever we eat, our body feels and our weight grows.

Never use fast food found in the market to gain weight. It increases the weight of our body but there is also a danger of many other diseases. Therefore, use healthy food items to increase weight.

Hopefully today’s information will prove to be very helpful in increase body weight in 7 days. If there is any question or suggestion related to this article, please comment me. If you feel that this article can prove to be beneficial for you, then follow it. Simultaneously share this article with your friends. Let’s meet again in a new article. Thank you.


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